Missing You Songs
The 100 Best I Miss You Songs Of All Time

About Missing You Songs

This site is on the web to inform you of the best I miss you songs ever! Many songs have been written about this subject but you will find only the 100 best here.

We've searched high and low for the best of these songs and cut the rest so that you can find some light relief with these songs.

The songs come from different life situations and deal with different reasons why you might miss someone. It might be due to splitting up with someone, death, work commitments or something else.

What all these scenarios have in common though is that you will miss the person when any of them occur.

Whatever You Like

There are all sorts of songs on this list. Some are very sad whilst others have more upbeat melodies.

Some songs are rock, some are r&b, some are pop and some are other genres of music.

There is something for everyone here because missing someone is something that nearly everyone knows about and has felt.

You will however only find the good songs here...and the ones that are I miss you songs.

The Order

The songs are ranked in order from 1 to 100 with number 1 being the highest position.

You will recognize many of these songs about missing someone though they are ranked in order of how good they are rather than on airplay or any other measures.

All the songs here are good even at number 100...remember these are the 100 best missing you songs out of thousands and thousands.

They all deserve an award for being on this list and so we'll give each of them an imaginary one.

To The Top

With no reason left to wait let's begin the countdown to number 1. Which song will be there at number 1?

Perhaps you have a favourite song that you play when you miss someone but will it be on this list?

What surprises are in store and which lonely songs will you finally discover the meaning of? Which will be the number 1 song?

It's time to find out the answers to all these questions...

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